Who We Are:

While insurance is not known for its flexibility or outside the box thinking, West End strives to educate and uncomplicate insurance.  Whether you are moving away from their parent’s car insurance, buying a house for the first time or getting your mobile craft cocktail bar going, we are determined to help people by understanding what coverage they need, why they need it and how to use it.  

How We Work:

We do not have a brick and mortar but instead choose to work out of co-working spaces and coffee shops.  This allows us to interact with our clients and potential clients on a neutral ground where we can first be known as willing advisers and then, potentially, personal agents.  The second, and the main part of solving this problem is a focus on education and listening.  We had a client who tried for 45 mins to explain her business to her current agency and he never got it.  We were able to find her coverage by sitting down and listening to her and her business.  We were able to help her identify potential areas of liability which helped her understand how her coverage will work for her.